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I'm Tired of Grief

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Grief is a marathon. It's fatiguing and exhausting. We can wonder if it will ever end.

From the Grieving Heart:

I don't like the looks I'm getting. Maybe I'm being too sensitive or seeing what's not there, but it feels like people are tired of me and my grief.

I'm tired of my grief too, but it's not like I can wish it away. The emotions rattle inside me, like some ricocheting superball - back and forth, up and down. I'm exhausted. I can't think, and yet my mind is spinning. I sleep but can't seem to rest.

Yes, I'm tired of grief. I'm tired, period.

I know that being with someone who's grieving is not the easiest thing in the world. Perhaps it's frustrating and draining. If so, no wonder people don't want to be around me. They all just want me to feel better.

I get that. I want me to feel better too. I wish I could. 

But right now, I hurt. I can't seem to hide it, either. My grief spills out, unbidden and unwanted.

I'm still a mess. 

Grief is exhausting.