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Wouldn’t Want to be Growing Up Now”

“It’s tough out there. I wouldn’t want to be growing up now. It’s incredible all that kids have access to, and it’s not all good,” Arnold said.
Arnold was in a hospital bed in his living room. Though his cancer was taking over, his peaceful attitude was one of a man who had lived a meaningful, purposeful life.
I taught school for years. I’ve seen the trends. Our world makes it hard to be a kid, especially a teen,” he continued.
“Honestly, I’m not sure we’re up to the challenge,” he concluded.
Do you ever look at the internet or TV and think things are snowballing downhill? Uncertainty and violence are on the upswing. Everything appears less stable. Evil appears to be flexing its muscles.
It’s easy to sit back and complain. “The machinery is in motion, and it’s big. What can I do?” we say. If we’re not careful, we can be guilty of merely shaking our heads, talking among ourselves, and doing nothing.
I believe everything counts, one way or another. What you and I think, say, and choose to do has impact. The ripple effects are more powerful than we realize.
For most of us, it’s not about making sweeping changes that influence nations. Instead it’s about intentionally investing in those around us for good, one-by-one – especially our young people.
Evil prospers when good people get lazy. Let’s step up, and do what we can.