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Just Be With Me

Just Be With Me
Dale was in his mid-40’s and battling end stage colon cancer. He didn’t like doctors much, so he avoided things like yearly check-ups. Early warning signs went undetected. When he was diagnosed, things were too far along for any curative treatment.
Dale struggled mightily with guilt. “If I had gone to the doctor once and a while maybe I wouldn’t be causing those I love all this pain,” he said.
“I had a life. I had plans,” he continued.
As Dale’s condition progressed, he grew more contemplative. As he accepted the situation, he became more peaceful. He had a constant stream of visitors, and was always asking for more. We were afraid this might wear him down and hasten his passing.
“Honestly, I don’t care about that. I want to be with people. I want someone to be with me. Just be with me,” he said.
Dale was more interested in meaningful life than he was in a slightly longer life. For him, life was about people. This wasn’t a process he wanted to go through alone.
Some enjoy being by themselves, but no one likes feeling alone. In fact, we’ll go to great lengths to avoid feeling lonely. We fill our waking moments with activity and noise. It’s as if we’re afraid of where our minds might go if we’re not constantly distracted.
Whatever happened to just being there and quietly enjoying the presence of God or another person? Has our busy-ness increased our contentment?
Dale didn’t think so.
“Just be with me,” is the cry of our heart more than we realize.