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Photography Reception-Richard Atlas Bottfeld

Rick's story begins in a taxi cab in Liberty, NY on October 11, 1945. His entry into the world appeared to foretell an unusual life filled with the unexpected.

Rick grew up the second son of Philip Bottfeld and Rose Atlas. He attended Cherry Lawn High School in Darrian, CT. Having graduated in 1964, he was drafted into the U.S. Army a year later, where he served until October, 1967.

Searching for a location with an ideal climate, Rick landed in San Diego, CA where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from San Diego State University. He was awarded the San Diego Model Cities Scholarship while completing graduate course work in Communications.

Over the years, Rick has pursued a number of different careers, travelled extensively, and built his dream house in the mountains where he lived for 20 years. In April 2009, Rick retired to Fayetteville, TX where he continues to pursue his love of bird watching and photographing wildlife. He is also a patient of Hospice Brazos Valley.

He believes the most important thing is what's going on here and now, living life fully in the present. He does not have time to be bothered about being in hospice because he's too busy living life. As Rick says, "It's not how much time you have. It's what you do with the time you have."

Hospice is not something to be feared. It's quality medical care, years of expertise assistance with insurance/Medicare issues, assistance with activities of daily living, technical as well as emotional and spiritual support. Rick welcomes the help hospice provides to the patient as well as the family.