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Music a Powerful Soul-ution

Brenham, TX…….Jose Cuervo, You are a friend of mine...." Author/Composer of the perennial favorite song Jose Cuervo, Cynthia Jordan, is dedicated to her vision of bringing awareness to the power of music. Cynthia believes, “If the power of music works anywhere, it can work everywhere.”

Come join us Thursday, August 15th at 1:30pm Blinn College Conference Room, Brenham as part of Hospice Brazos Valley’s ongoing program – Mission Focus Time, a time devoted to continuing education. Learn more about the value of music to promote wellness, accelerate healing and relieve stress.

In 1983, every country radio station and honky-tonk was playing, Jose Cuervo you are a friend of mine.” This is the first song this California surfer girl ever wrote! The song Jose Cuervo went on to be the 1983 Country Music song of the year in Billboard Magazine.

Seeing the power of music first hand, in 1985 Cynthia began writing songs for children and formed a children’s choir she called Kids for Kids. Today Kids for Kids program is a 501c3 known as Children for a Peaceful World.

Looking to expand, in 1997 Cynthia changed her genre again to beautiful, piano compositions. She began doing research on the power of music and was excited to find all kinds of benefits music can bring. Cynthia’s inspirational book Butterfly Moments tells about her musical journey from Jose Cuervo to composing the Peaceful Journey series. She is currently performing and giving her fun, inspirational keynote to audiences nationwide.

Currently, Cynthia resides in San Angelo, Texas. Her program “Ahhh Radio” airs every evening from 9 to 11 on KCSA, 95.7 According to Cynthia, “We play therapeutic music with the intention of helping people relax, help children wind down and go to sleep, and students retain more of what they read. Music is energy and the right kind of music promotes a healthy community.”

This event is free and open to the public. To register contact Mary Rogas at 979-277-9525 or mrogas@hospicebrazosvalley.org