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  • How can you celebrate National Senior Citizens Day? We’re glad you asked. We have some ideas on how to honor senior citizens today, this week and for more times to come.

  • If you want to help make a difference and support children and families in need within your community, check out our list of school supplies you can donate.

  • For individuals and their families, the words “You need a new organ” are earth-shattering. Luckily, we can make a difference. Check out five reasons for you to become an organ donor.

  • This August, we celebrate National Water Quality Month. How can you have an impact on water quality? We’ve got some ideas for the role you play in making a difference.

  • Some losses strike us at the core of our beings. Part of us has been suddenly, perhaps forcefully, stolen away. Where did they go? Their absence changes everything - every dynamic, every relationship. Their death hits our hearts and souls. We feel ourselves changing. The person we were, along with the life and family we knew, has been altered forever. Who are we now? Who will we be? We don't know. But we're not the same, and we won’t be.

  • How can you live an altruistic lifestyle when negativity is on your mind? Today we've got the answers as we share six tips to help train your brain to be more positive.

  • When loss shatters our world, anxiety is usually one of the results. Our sense of control is gone. We feel helpless. We wonder what will happen next. This is normal. You are not alone. Anxiety is a natural expression of our grief.

  • There are lots of worthy nonprofits out there who need financial support, so how can you pick just one? Today, we're here to help you learn how to choose the right charity for donating.

  • Grief takes up enormous space and energy. As a result, we simply have less brain available for everyday life. This is not a permanent condition. Forgetfulness is a temporary and common grief reaction. You are not alone. Check out this article to learn about why this happens and some simple strategies to help alleviate some frustration when your memory issues become too much.

  • Hospice Brazos Valley's CEO Dr. Craig Borchardt, along with Texas A&M distinguished professor Dr. Leonard Berry, work passionately in pursuit of raising the bar of service for the terminally ill. They are both dedicated to ensuring the patient's values and goals are not lost in end-of-life care conversations. "By seeking every kind of treatment without really looking at what the patient values, it might not always end up being what's actually best for [the patient]," Dr. Borchardt states in this article from Bryan-College Station's The Eagle.