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  • Paying it forward is a way to spread goodness into the world. If you want to get involved this International Pay It Forward Day, check out these ways to pay it forward.

  • We live in a worry-filled, anxious world. We’re naturally concerned about a multitude of things - the future, kids, grandkids, health, finances, possessions, our home, our country, the world. Worry is infectious, and can lead to fear. When fear takes up residence, overwhelm is not far behind. Read here to learn some simple ways to prevent worry from gobbling up your life.

  • Whether it's a few hours or a long commitment, volunteering not only supports those around you, but positively influences you as well. Here's six ideas to get started.

  • Homelessness is a significant issue which plagues our community and the world. With such a huge challenge, how can we as individuals make a difference?

  • Keep America Beautiful Month is about coming together to give back to our beautiful country. This month, you can try some of these activities to support your community.

  • Despite their age, children can have a powerful impact in the community, if only we encourage them to do so. Here are four reasons kids should start volunteering young.

  • If you’re looking for cool ways to donate your gently used items, check out this list of things you can and should donate, and some unique ideas of where to give them.

  • As you look down the road, what do you see? Is there a process you need to set in motion? Is there something you need to alter (or stop)? What decisions or practices would contribute toward your overall health and well-being (physical, mental-emotional, spiritual, relational, and financial)? Check out this article from Hospice Brazos Valley Chaplain Gary Roe to hear his suggestions on navigating life's seasons with positive purpose and intention.

  • By going green, we create a better environment for ourselves and future generations. Check out these easy ways you can live an altruistic—and green—lifestyle.

  • This Women’s History Month, get involved by showing support for the women in your community. Check out these ways you can remember powerful women from history, while advocating for women today.